City fences

With our City Fence fences, you combine a well-kept look with optimal security

City Fence and Combi City Fence are secure and prevent theft and vandalism. The closed anti-graffiti panels are cheaper than wood and provide a cleaner street scene.

City Fences are 2 metres high, and the whole element is equipped with a sheet-piling profile. These sheet-piling panels can be manufactured in the colours of your company or municipality.

Combi City Fences are 2 metres high and consist of a sheet-piling profile (lower section) and an open part with very fine mesh (upper section). Vehicle traffic is not distracted. Other colours are also available on request. They can also include your customer or project-specific imprint.

Download the Heras Mobile Fencing & Security Product Brochure:

Download the Product Brochure

City fences variants & specifications

Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)

Obstructing views restricts theft because your valuable materials are no longer visible to criminals. And it improves the flow of road, providing extra safety for traffic users and for builders. The risk of dust or other materials spilling out from the building site is also minimised. And finally you leave no doubt as to the fact that your building site is safely enclosed: by the secure City Fence.


  • Dimensions Width : 7.1 '
  • Dimensions Height : 6.6 '
  • Material Fence : Steel


Installation instructions


3D M800 Cityfence RAL 9010

3D M800 Cityfence RAL 9010

M800 City fence

M800 City Fence 9010