Safety at Heras Temporary Fencing

Safety always comes first at Heras Temporary Fencing

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Our products contribute to safety and security

Our products include the Anti-Climb mobile fences, access solutions and many other accessories to prevent unauthorized access to your site. This way, you prevent theft and vandalism and contribute to a safe construction site or the smooth running of your event.


Everyone out and about in a safe and secure manner

We always make sure that our account managers and dealers have the right personal protection equipment. In addition, our HSE manager carries out workplace inspections to assess whether the correct safety measures are in place, both internally and externally.


Collaborating on safety for the environment

We ask suppliers, transporters and other partners to work together to ensure a safe environment. For example, our haulers inspect their vehicles before departure to ensure that the mobile fences, gates and accessories are transported safely.

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“Topics such as safety, health and well-being are becoming increasingly important. Not only for ourselves, but also for our partners and the environment in which we operate.”

Marnix Plouvier

Health, Safety & Environment Manager

The goals of Heras Temporary Fencing


work-related accidents


Life-Saving Rules (LSRs)

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of the Safety Culture Ladder

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Marnix Plouvier, HSE Manager at Heras Temporary Fencing, is happy to tell you more about safety.


Safety is all about give and take

We do not work safely because we have to, but because we think it’s important. We take the health and safety of our employees and partners extremely seriously.


steps to achieve a safe construction process

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Construction calls for greater safety

What are common safety risks? What measures can you take to reduce those risks? We get why you have these questions and are happy to answer them. Common risks include the risk of falling, not wearing personal protective equipment and being injured by tripping, slipping or stumbling. The main cause is often poor communication on the building site and inadequate supervision.

Many construction site accidents are the result of falls from a height. By law, construction workers must use scaffolding or guardrails at a height of 8 ft. or more. Mobile fences must be used to close off dangerous areas, e.g. holes, pits or open floors.

There is always a danger of tripping or falling. By ensuring that your site is tidy and orderly, you can reduce the risks. Mark off dangerous areas and secure your fences with couplers. It’s also important that the construction site does not cause a nuisance to passersby. We advise you not to place large concrete blocks on footpaths, so there’s no danger of tripping.


Choose a safely enclosed construction site with our solutions.

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Temporary fences and
related accessories

Heras Temporary Fencing believes that a safe working and living environment is a prerequisite for carefree living. Our temporary fences and related accesories actively contribute to this.


Heras Temporary Fencing offers high-quality temporary fencing for various industries. We sell high-quality construction fences in different sizes with a longer lifespan.


Different accessories and services allow you to easily lock, reinforce, and secure your temporary fences and crush barriers.

What else do we offer?

Heras Temporary Fencing offers a variety of storage and transport systems, gates for extra security on your site, Noise Control Barriers and other accessories. 

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