Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)

Site hoarding comes in multiple colours and obscures the view

Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)
Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)-1
Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)-2
Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)-3

Obscure the view into the construction site

City fences have a sheet pile profile steel plate filling the fence frame. This is why these fences are also called sheet pile fences. Obstructing the vision limits theft because valuable materials are not in full view of criminals. This design also promotes traffic flow. It is safe for road users and construction workers. The transfer of dust and other materials outside the construction site is minimized. Bicycles cannot be locked to the fences, and graffiti is discouraged by the structure of the metal sheet. The City fences result in a cleaner, more pleasant street scene. A neat and tidy appearance for your construction site contributes to a positive corporate image and the motivation of your employees.

  • Completely obscure the view
  • More pleasant street scene
  • Available in multiple colors

Mobile fences with a sheet pile profile

In addition to these sheet pile fences that are completely filled, there is also an option to choose Combi Fences. The bottom half of the fence is fitted with a sheet pile and the top half with steel mesh temporary fencing. Combi Fence prevents motorists looking onto the construction site. The view for pedestrians is unimpeded, which means they can view progress in peace and quiet while still having a clear view of their surroundings. Or you could opt for a 3.28 ft high city fence. Ideal for traffic management, separation and security.

City Fence for a positive corporate image

The City Fence is rock solid. The separation contributes to a well-maintained construction site. To enhance your company image, panels in the colors of your company or municipality can be fitted. A number of standard colors are included in our range. Do you have specific wishes? Our staff will be happy to help you.

  • Art.: C1700000
  • Height: 6.6 ft
  • Width: 7.1 ft
  • Package quantity: 28
  • Weight: 57 lbs
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Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)

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Cityfence M800 (RAL 9010)

Site hoarding comes in multiple colours and obscures the view