Customized support at Heras Temporary Fencing

A long-term partnership starts with listening carefully to our customers

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Our experts are always ready to help

Our employees make all the difference, from our account managers to our office staff. Your project receives personal attention and can be customized if you wish. Heras Temporary Fencing is a reliable partner that identifies the needs of its customers. We give advice, listen to you and try to fulfill your wishes as best as possible.

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An honest and personal approach

We value long-term relationships, so you can always expect honesty from us. After all, that is the basis of a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. We aim to be approachable. With that in mind, we never treat our customers as a number; you always know who you are talking to.

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It’s all about a total service, from A to Z

From erecting a mobile fence on a block foundation to installing a turnstile or sliding gate, we offer a total package. It all starts with a personal meeting and quotation and ends with assembly and after-sales. If you have questions or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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“Customers often ask us which temporary fencing they should install to prevent people from entering their construction site. They choose Heras Temporary Fencing because we provide good advice.”

Yves Spooren

International Account Manager


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Customized support from A to Z for construction and event sites

Your security needs depend on the phase of your construction project and the type of project you are looking to secure. You need a different type of fencing and security for a music event than for a potato field. But what is the best solution for your specific situation? Our experts can help! Heras Temporary Fencing offers businesses the right security solutions for every situation, no matter how challenging, and takes care of everything from A to Z.

If you’re organizing a festival, for example, you don’t need regular fences, as guests would be able to climb over them pretty easily. A fine mesh fence is much more suitable. For Tomorrowland Festival, for example, a custom solution was devised. The fence was made half a meter longer, especially for this event.

Security begins with fencing, but that’s not where it ends. Whatever your situation, you need to be aware of what you are buying and why. What is your goal? You need a clear plan for every phase of your construction project and for every situation. Heras Temporary Fencing thinks along with the customer and always provides appropriate solutions. Whether it’s music or potatoes: our people have the customer in mind.

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In addition to the extensive standard product range, we are also happy to engage in the development of the best custom solutions.


We are unconditionally ready for our dealers and their customers

One-on-one relationships with our customers lead to high customer satisfaction levels. We come to you to discuss your requirements. You always have a contact person who is happy to think along with you about your temporary security needs.