Renting or purchasing a mobile fence

To simplify whether to rent or purchase fencing, you consider the fencing properties that you believe are important, such as price, flexibility, service life, or maintenance.   People often believe that renting fencing is more expensive than purchasing it. But, is that really true? To answer this question, we recommend you consider three factors that are important when weighing up your answer:

Price: Naturally, you can consider price when making the right choice on whether to rent or purchase fencing. Keep in mind that an average mobile fence retains its high quality for three to five years. And, make sure you compare apples to apples with respect to prices and quality.

Project duration: The duration of your construction project is important in weighing your answer. If you only need fencing for a short period of time, renting is the obvious choice. On the other hand, do you need fencing for a long time for consecutive projects? If so, purchasing is the best choice.

Service life: If you are prudent with your property, purchasing fencing is a better choice than renting. And this is certainly a good choice when you obtain high-quality fencing with a corrosion-resistant layer of zinc. This choice has less impact on the environment and increases the service life of the fencing.

Tip: rent or buy rule: In general, the turning point for a construction project is two and a half years. This means that it is more expensive to rent fencing after two and a half years than to purchase it. Are you looking for fencing that you want to use for one and a half years? If so, renting fencing is the best solution. Do you need fencing for three to four years? If so, purchasing fencing is the best option.

Access and gates

These are your building site gatekeepers and thus are indispensable for your building site facilities, i.e. entrance gates and fences. You can keep unauthorised persons out of your building site by using a sliding or swing model. How do you make an obstacle-free and burglar-resistant entrance that fits with your building site? It is important to have a good understanding of the pros and cons of a sliding gate or swing gate.


These are sometimes called ‘forgotten’ accessories, i.e. small extras that ensure you can use your fences for a longer period of time. These ensure that your fencing is more stable and limits vandalism and theft. There are diverse mobile fence accessories that will save you money.

Mobile fence rack for vertical transport: Fencing will last longer if you transport it vertically. Use a mobile fence rack to limit damage and loss of your fencing. 

High-security clamps: Connect your mobile fences together using high-security clamps - mounted using a special key - to ensure you know who enters your building site. 

Hinge ring: You can easily make an entrance gate by fitting hinge rings to high-security clamps between two mobile fences. The fence can swing and is securely in place.  

Transport and logistics: If you have ordered fencing, it is important that it is loaded and unloaded in a safe manner. Safety rules have been drawn up for the loading and unloading of fences. These prevent dangerous situations occurring at or near your building site when loading and unloading.

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