5 tips to achieve a sustainable construction site

Commissioners are increasingly asking for construction companies with sustainable practices. With current challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and resource scarcity, this is a logical choice. In turn, contractors are responding by increasingly exploring the possibilities of circular construction, sustainable procurement and a sustainable construction site.


Building a sustainable sector

It is becoming increasingly important to develop and realize sustainable projects. This should also be implemented on the construction site. But what exactly is a sustainable construction site? A sustainable construction site is one where the environmental impact is as small as possible. For example, you can use reusable materials and reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. The nuisance to the surrounding area is also reduced. In this blog, we give you 5 tips for the realization of a sustainable construction site.


1. Use sustainable temporary fences

Sustainable equipment is an important aspect of a sustainable construction site. Sustainable alternatives now exist for more and more equipment, such as electric machines and hybrid generators. There are also more sustainable alternatives for construction fences. We have mapped the environmental impact for a number of construction fences by means of EPDs, so you can choose the one with the lowest impact. 


2. Reuse released material

On the construction site, there is an increasing emphasis on reusing materials. Many construction companies already do it, but there are also construction companies that do not yet separate their waste. And this while (re)using materials is a simple way to make your construction site more sustainable. By separating waste, you keep track of which materials you can (immediately) reuse. This can be done, for example, by setting up an environmental unit at your construction site. What you no longer need yourself, you can send to other parties. This way, you never have to throw away your released, reusable materials. 


3. Limit the inconvenience to the surrounding area

Neighbors and passersby may experience noise pollution from your construction project. With a sustainable building site, you naturally want to avoid this. By using electric machines, you can already minimize the nuisance significantly. Your construction site and noise sources on the site can be shielded with Noise Control Barriers, which reduce construction noise to a maximum of 32.8 dB. This protects the environment against noise pollution and the hearing of your employees. 


4. Sustainable logistical movements

Another important part of a sustainable construction site is logistics. Construction companies can save a lot of CO2 emissions by making logistics processes more sustainable, for example by using electric vehicles. You can also reduce your CO2 emissions by optimizing truck routes. 


5. Make everyone involved (more) aware of the sustainable way of working

To make your construction site more sustainable, implementing a sustainable way of working and thinking is also important. Consider more sustainable procurement to have fewer unused materials on your construction site. Clients also regularly impose additional sustainability requirements when tendering. So when you pay extra attention to a sustainable way of working, you win a project faster. Also make your staff aware of this, so that they also have the right knowledge about sustainable working methods on the construction site. 


Heras as a socially responsible partner

We are happy to help you achieve a sustainable construction site. In addition to our more sustainable temporary fences, we optimize our logistics services. For example, we only use trucks that meet the EURO6 standard. Moreover, one of our CSR goals is that 15% of external transport will have lower emissions by 2025. This is how we contribute to your sustainable building site. 

Would you like more information about making your construction site sustainable? Or buy a sustainable temporary fence from one of our dealers? Then get in touch with us.

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