Tips for setting up your event site

Organizing a festival or sports event is about more than just finalizing your line-up or mapping out a course. Practically, you need to arrange all sorts of details such as the set-up and control of your grounds. Anything is possible, but not within every budget. Fortunately, investing on a large scale is not always necessary. Purchasing an event fence or making arrangements with a catering company give better control over costs.

In terms of necessary facilities and interests, although festivals and sports events are very similar, they require a different approach. Therefore, in this article, we zoom in on the festival site and how you use a bought event fence in the process.


Delineating your event site

Demarcation is more than putting up a bunch of crowd control barriers. The situation is far too complex for that. You want to have every passage to your site under control. Yet people and materials must be able to enter and leave the site safely, in a controlled and simple manner via the regular entrance and exit and, in emergency situations, quickly via escape routes. On a festival site, it is best to opt for a sliding fence gate instead of a swing gate. Simply because the space for a swing gate is often lacking and because you are less flexible with a swing gate. For the safety of your festival visitors, install pedestrian gates at key locations. In the event of an emergency, this allows them to leave the grounds quickly and safely. And just like an event fence, it is easy to hire this type of facility.

Good demarcation is also pleasant for local residents. Your visitors enjoy themselves on site, not off it. With soundproof fences, you also limit noise pollution for the neighbourhood. Do you use installations such as pumps or generators on your site? Then insulate them very easily with a Noise Control Barrier. Your relationship with local residents is very important.


Streamlining visitors

To receive visitors quickly and in a controlled way (tickets, etc.), use (covered) entrance gates. In this way, you ensure that people enter your premises in a dosed manner. During an event, a lot of money is often spent on food and drinks. Use signage to make sure the catering is easy to find. Keep it simple. Simple choices, simple rates, simple task allocations, tight lines of communication and make sure a bar or counter is spacious enough and easily accessible. With effective dispensing counters, you have taken an important step forward. You simply rent such a drop-off counter, just like the event fence.


Various facilities for your event

Fences come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are also widely used to create facilities at an event site. Purchasing event fences is the start. Read on to learn what facilities you can add to your event. 

Sanitary facilities come in all shapes and sizes, whether or not they connect directly to the sewer. If people have to wait a long time or walk far, they will find alternatives. Indicate clearly, e.g. with signage, where people can go.

Ask yourself what facilities you need where and whether you need electricity (220v or 380v), water or drainage there and what options are available on your site. Sometimes you need to adjust your ideas accordingly.

Distribute enough waste bins in strategic places. This will keep your festival site clean and comfortable even during the day and you will have less work when your festival is over. You can also hire adapted waste bins and attach them easily and quickly to an event fence.

During a festival, create a number of 'quiet' areas, such as a lounge area, a backstage area for artists or a first aid area where people can go if necessary. You can create such an area in many ways, such as with a Noise Control Barrier, which dampens sound.

For the safety of the performers and your visitors, create a safety zone near the stage and prevent fencing from falling over. Our clients use stage barriers for this purpose. These are very robust, give security people room to observe and are combined with corner barriers that can act as escape gates for emergency situations.


The party can almost start

If you have arranged the above, you have a manageable event in place. However, a lot of time and money goes into setting up and dismantling an event site. Choosing the right materials will save you a lot of time, money and headaches. Quick installation and moving, fast assembly and dismantling is incredibly valuable when organizing a large event. The type of material, weight, design, combination options and type of couplings all influence the speed and flexibility of work.

Many event fences and other fences are delivered in a transport rack, which you place in the desired position with a forklift truck. From the transport rack, the fences are then placed in the right place. Depending on your needs and requirements, you simply couple them together using footings and couplers. With good equipment, this can be done quickly and there are all kinds of possibilities to combine. So you always have a connecting solution.


Two knows more than one

Do you have a great idea and want to organize your own event? Such an organization can give you a tremendous kick. Especially when everything runs like clockwork and everyone goes home enthusiastic afterwards.

How big do you want to go? Your enthusiasm will not be lacking. In order to oversee all the practical issues and be well prepared, it is a good idea to talk to your suppliers at an early stage. They deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis. In that way, you can set your sights on programming. Be well informed. You will often get tips on things you had not thought of in the first place or there are solutions you did not see before. Two know more than one and purchasing an event fence is easy.

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