A safe sporting event with crowd control barriers

Every year, many sporting events take place in every country, outside the regular sports competitions. These include the big crowd-pullers like the Berlin or New York Marathon, European Championship, or World Cup Football, or even the Olympic Games. But smaller, national events are often also well attended. Organizing such a sporting event involves a lot of work. What should not be missing is the determination of the objective, target group, catering, and budget. Also bear in mind that crowd control barriers are needed to steer the sporting event in the right direction. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure the safety of both visitors and athletes. How do you steer this in the right direction?


Safety during a sporting event

Organizing a sporting event requires some knowledge and experience. Of course, the necessary facilities must be considered. Are you going to organize a marathon? Then make sure that the athletes travel their route undisturbed and visitors encourage them in a safe manner.

Crowd control barriers are extremely suitable for use during a sporting event. They ensure thorough access control and good security. They contribute to ensuring safety during a sporting event. This way, the focus during the event is where it should be: on the sport.

“Crowd control barriers are ideal for use during a sporting event.”

Crowd control barriers along the route

Kilometers of sports routes require kilometers of fencing. Crowd control barriers are ideal for these long distances. Make sure there is a clear dividing line between the site of the sporting event and the route. This prevents the audience from getting in the way of the athletes and the athletes safely reach the finish line.

Crowd control barriers are robust, sturdy, and particularly safe. They don’t fall over, and thanks to the clever construction, visitors can’t take control and create their own entryways or break through the fencing. The bars in the fences make it difficult for children to enter the course unwittingly. Safety first!


A safe sporting event

Whether it’s a cycling race, a competition, or a marathon, safety must not be overlooked during a sporting event under any circumstances. In order to ensure that the athletes are not hindered, as an organizer, you must think carefully about how and where the fences can best be used. Athletes must be given sufficient space to follow the course, while at the same time making sure that visitors are not endangered. By connecting the fences together properly, they stand firm and stable on the ground.

Because safety is paramount during a sporting event, a quick switchover is required in the event of an emergency. At many sporting events, in case of emergency, additional space is created by means of sliding gates so that people can cross over. A practical and safe solution to walk from A to B.


In case of emergency

It is not inconceivable that visitors to a sporting event may become disoriented or lost because they’re in a location where they probably haven’t ever been before. This can be prevented by clear signage. Hang up tarpaulins with a map that shows the way to the toilets, token sales, or the First Aid station. The latter is particularly important. 32 million people in the USA visit at least one festival a year. Figures show that 0.1% of these visitors require medical help. This may seem like a small amount, but as the organizer of an event, you are responsible for it.

Heras Temporary Fencing stands for security. By taking all of the above into account, you have all the ingredients at hand for setting up a good and safe sporting event.

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