Sustainability at Heras Temporary Fencing

We look beyond the boundaries of our temporary perimeter security solutions

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Sustainability is more than just good environmental management

Sustainability also covers the health and well-being of our employees, partners and neighbouring residents. Therefore, a safe environment, a good working atmosphere and good working conditions play a key role in our daily work.

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Making our products more sustainable

Our range includes several sustainable products. The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 is a good example. This tarpaulin absorbs up to 32.8 dB of noise and thus reduces the ambient noise of your construction site.


CSR concerns us all

The climate is changing. There is no denying it. We take CSR seriously in order to offer the next generations a liveable environment too. Sustainability is therefore one of the four pillars within our organization.


"By providing colleagues and partners with knowledge about CSR and sustainability, we hope to get everyone thinking. After all, where awareness, knowledge and ideas meet, initiatives arise naturally."

The goals of Heras Temporary Fencing


CO2 reduction per year in external transport


reduction in total emissions by 2025


CO2 reduction per year

Transport LR-2-1

One of our goals: 15% of all external transport will have reduced CO2 emissions by 2025.


We contribute to sustainability within the fencing industry

It is very important to involve everyone in our CSR ambitions so that they have the opportunity to share their input. We are always open to your ideas or suggestions.


of total CO2 emissions offset by 2025

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Sustainability in the mobile fencing sector - our mission

Organizations face major social challenges, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and increasing scarcity of raw materials. At Heras Temporary Fencing, we take our responsibility for addressing these challenges seriously. We believe in our own strength to contribute to social, ethical or environmental issues based on our core qualities.

At Heras Temporary Fencing we strive for open communication, honesty and transparency. We do business in a way that is reliable, entrepreneurial and innovative, with an eye for and a focus on human capital. Within these core values, we embrace the triple bottom-line framework of People, Planet and Profit.

As an organization with international operations, we believe that a safe working and living environment with an eye to the future is a must for a carefree life. It goes without saying that our temporary security solutions contribute to this. However, we look beyond the boundaries of our temporary perimeter protection solutions and work in a way that is sustainable and equitable for people and the ecosystem, for present and future generations. In this way, Heras Temporary Fencing operates with an eye for climate and the environment.

Major global challenges in this area require a serious approach. The current gap between slower legislation and faster forms of opinion-making makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to perform effectively in a sustainable way. That is why we at Heras Temporary Fencing work as closely as possible with our partners and motivate others to join us in adopting socially responsible business practices.

By minimizing the impact on relevant ecosystems, we can overcome the challenges we face. Only then can we protect what is really important. Together, we create a future for both the current and future generations.

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Within our organization, we work together to achieve our sustainable ambitions.

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Temporary fences and
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Heras Temporary Fencing believes that a safe working and living environment is a prerequisite for carefree living. Our temporary fences and related accesories actively contribute to this.


Heras Temporary Fencing offers high-quality temporary fencing for various industries. We sell high-quality construction fences in different sizes with a longer lifespan.


Different accessories and services allow you to easily lock, reinforce, and secure your temporary fences and crush barriers.

What else do we offer?

Heras Temporary Fencing offers a variety of storage and transport systems, gates for extra security on your site, Noise Control Barriers and other accessories. 

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