Mobile Fence M90

The reliable classic among temporary fencing

Mobile Fence M90
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The reliable classic with fast coupling

The M90 temporary fencing from Heras is an indestructible addition to our range. The steel mesh is welded solidly to the frame by hand. All of our traditional temporary fencing is galvanised. This temporary fencing has a hook and eye coupling for quickly setting up the fence line. We always recommend using a Heras fence coupler to connect the fences. The name M90 refers to 1990, the year in which this fence was introduced to the market by Heras. Since then, this temporary fencing has been the stable quality reference for fences with steel mesh. The higher purchase price pays for itself due to the longer lifespan.

  • Thicker horizontal tubes
  • Hand-welded and galvanised
  • Optimal lifespan

The mobile fence with a long service life

All our temporary fencing is galvanised to protect the fences against corrosion, i.e., rust. Our line of galvanised temporary fencing is made by first welding the material into temporary fencing by hand. The temporary fencing pieces are then taken to the galvanising plant to be treated with a layer of zinc after pre-treatment. The weld seam and zinc layer are thicker than that associated with pre-galvanised fences, which means the fences are protected against corrosion for a longer time. The lifespan is therefore considerably extended. It is ideal for when you want to use the fences on multiple projects or, for example, at coastal locations.

  • Art.: C0900000
  • Height: 6.6 ft
  • Width: 11.5 ft
  • Mesh opening Height: 11 4/5 in
  • Mesh opening Width: 3 in
  • Package quantity: 64
  • Weight: 57 lbs
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Mobile Fence M90

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Mobile Fence M90

The reliable classic among temporary fencing