Promotion using printed tarpaulins

Fencing is usually thought of as a means to enclose a terrain. However, you can do a lot more with fencing! For example, a sound dampening tarpaulin can quieten it down at and around the terrain. We also custom print tarpaulins and fabrics! We can print ambience photos, descriptions about the different building phases, an exhibition announcement, or combine the useful with the pleasant. This is how your “screen” provides security and ambience. Heras Mobile also provides a solution where banners are placed on existing fencing at events or building sites. 


  • promotions about or around an existing event for a possible future event
  • the signage at an event
  • project promotion at the building site
  • exposition space for third parties, e.g. visual artists, photos, street artists, etc.


Organisation: Promotion using tarpaulins rather than using flyers reduces the amount of rubbish to clear up afterwards and improves the flow of departing visitors

Staff: Less rubbish needs to be cleaned up and ambience at the building site

Local residents: Building sites are less draughty and the site’s appearance is nicer