Control of noise nuisance on and around the construction site

Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 reduces noise nuisance from construction works by up to 32,8 dB.

The number of complaints about noise nuisance from building projects is increasing and having a greater impact.  Anyone who makes a lot of noise can be sure to receive objections from local residents, which can bring your project to a standstill. 

The Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 is a flexible, user-friendly, affordable solution for reducing noise nuisance from construction works.

Reduce noise nuisance from machines, tools, other equipment and demolition work.  And focus on running your construction project.

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Maximum sound reduction

Reduce noise pollution by up to 32,8 dB.

Long lifespan with minimal maintenance

The new single-layer material does not absorb any water and retains hardly any dirt.


Thanks to a stronger, leathery, fire-resistant canvas.

User-friendly & flexible

A flexible canvas in a handy size: 1.2 x 2.0 m. Simple assembly by just one employee.


The fire-resistant material makes the sound reducing canvas extremely suitable for placement around aggregates, for example.

Noise nuisance around the building site. Causes, regulations, trends and solutions.

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Prevent delay, reduce noise nuisance

More and more attention is being paid to noise pollution from construction works and the disruption it can cause. Complaints from local residents and non-compliance with regulations and legislation can result in building projects coming to a standstill. The Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 is reducing sound nuisance from construction works and avoids complaints from local residents.

The new design of the Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 reduces the amount of noise that can be heard from your building works. The maximum noise reduction is as much as 32,8 dB in contrast to 26,1 dB for the first version. You can isolate sources of noise by strategically placing these barriers to ensure the sound does not travel to surrounding areas. The product’s versatile application makes it extremely suitable for use in any construction project.

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On-site test

To guarantee claims about its application, we’ve tested the sound-reduction capacity of the first Noise Control Barrier and the new Noise Control Barrier 2.0. The test was performed on-site in a ‘square’ installation (fully closed), a 'C’ installation (closed on 3 sides) and a ‘linear’ installation. The comparison was made by taking two measurements: at the noise source, and on the other side of the barrier. The result: The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 can reduce an extra 6 dB of noise.

We’re proud to make the detailed results from this on-site test available.

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Reduce noise nuisance for the surrounding area and employees

Your responsibility as project manager goes further than just the progress of the project. Employees can experience direct and indirect effects of noise levels that are too high, and the hearing damage this can cause. We’re learning more and more about the indirect consequences. That’s why it’s so important to protect your employees against noise as much as possible. Noise is after all still one of the biggest health risks in construction. 

Construction noise coming from aggregates, grinders, pumps and demolition works elsewhere on the building site can easily be limited with the correct installations. The Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 is a fire-resistant canvas in a handy size of 1.2 x 2.0 meters, which reduces noise by up to 32,8 dB.  Isolating aggregates in a square installation, for example, limits noise nuisance not just for the surrounding area but also for your employees.

Experience the possibilities of the Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 for yourself by requesting a sample.

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Noise barrier for limiting noise nuisance from construction works. variants & specifications

Heras Noise Control Barrier

Noise can be a nuisance. And noise pollution can seriously disrupt a building project. Heras Mobile Fencing has a temporary noise barrier solution that prevents complaints from local residents and minimizes the risk that the process becomes delayed due to local authorities intervening. A solution that keeps sound waves confined to the building site, and that is as simple as it is effective. The Heras Noise Control Barrier is a high-tech panel, featuring special sound-absorbing fibres. It absorbs building noise and prevents sound from being reflected. The panel is robust, compact and light weight. It only takes one fitter to install the screens very quickly. The temporary sound barriers can also be applied to scaffolding. The Noise Control Barrier, developed by Heras Mobile in conjunction with a partner that specializes in noise reduction, is already used successfully in several European markets.


  • Dimensions Width : 11.6 '
  • Dimensions Height : 6.6 '


Installation instructions


3D Noise Control Barrier

3D Noise Control Barrier

3D Noise Control Barrier

Noise Control Barrier

Noise Control Barrier 2.0 Heras

The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 reduces the noise up to 32,8 dB. The NCB 2.0 has a long lifespan, is easy to install and maintenance-free.
One mobile fence requires three barriers. The smaller size makes the installation of the barriers a lot easier. The thinner material of these barriers make them easy to store.
The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 consists of a special patented sustainable canvas which is 2mm thick. It increases the lifespan and makes the product maintenance free. The material is weather, UV and fire-proof. The barriers are flexible and can be used in various situations.


  • Dimensions Width : 4 '
  • Dimensions Height : 6,6 '


Installation instructions


3D Noise Control Barrier Heras

Noise Control Barrier: How less noise will yield more for you!

Heras Mobile’s Noise Control Barrier not only reduces noise pollution for local residents. When you use this sound-proof fencing, you also meet the requirements for obtaining a permit, preventing absenteeism due to illness, or can create low-noise sections where necessary. For example at First Aid stations, backstage, VIP rooms, or in catering areas, or when noise reduction is required on the construction site when jackhammers or generators are used. The Noise Control Barrier is easily and quickly installed close to a sound source, reducing noise by approximately 17 dB.

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Noise Control Barriers optimise the success of your event or festival

The locals are happy to wish the organisers of an event or festival good luck. But do you, as an organiser, grant them their relative peace and refrain from intentionally forcing your music or other sounds on them? The installation of sound barriers in noise-sensitive areas helps in this respect.

In this blog post, we would like to tell you how noise pollution can completely overshadow an event or festival for those living in the vicinity. But even more, we want to explain how these complaints, which can weigh heavily on the success of an event, can be prevented easily by using Noise Control Barrier fencing.

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Noise nuisance around the building site. Causes, regulations, trends and solutions.

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