Basic temporary fences

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The M300 series is a good choice for the simple, yet effective, demarcation of your terrain. The production technology used for this fence is Heras' most environmentally friendly.

Download the Heras Mobile Fencing & Security Product Brochure:

Download the Product Brochure

Basic temporary fences variants & specifications

M300 Mobile fence

The pre-galvanised material does not leave any sharp zinc rests behind on the frame and the panel. The fence is safe for your hands. The production technology used is the most environmentally friendly technique that is available. The low weight makes this fence suitable for installation by one person working alone (field testing has shown that this fence lets you install more metres in less time).


  • Dimensions Width : 11,5 '
  • Dimensions Height : 6,6 '
  • Material Fence : Steel
  • Mesh opening Height : 9 5/6 "
  • Mesh opening Width : 4 "


Installation instructions


3D M300 Mobile fence - spikes

3D M300 Mobile fence - spikes

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