Toning noise down with acoustic barriers

When you’re building in highly populated areas you have to reduce the noise to a minimum. People hate noise and immediately start to complain when they hear sounds from your construction site. Acoustic barriers help you reduce the noise and protect the hearing of your employees too.

An acoustic barrier reduces the noise from the building or construction site with 32,8 decibel. That’s a lot. Because of the noise reduction people outside the site can live their lives and don’t be disturbed by annoying sounds. Your employees can pick up the pace and finish their work in time. Because you work without causing noise people don’t call the police to shut the workplace down.

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The barrier is extremely useful when working near hospitals, houses and schools for example. Besides the people who live near the construction site the product is especially useful for the people who work on the site. Your employees can work safe and in some cases don’t even have to wear uncomfortable ear protection.

Uncomfortable ear protection

When your staff works with heavy machinery and older tools like concrete and stone grinders you can imagine the noise they’re in. To prevent your employees from going deaf, you want them to wear hearing protection.

Unfortunately that protection can start to irritate. It’s not a comfortable feeling to wear pretty heavy head phones all day.



Withstand fire

A test was proof of the usefulness of the barrier. If the noise is more than 85 decibel you need to wear ear protection. A test with and without acoustic barriers proved the power of the barrier. The noise was isolated in such a way the employees didn’t need ear protections anymore. The sounds from the site stayed under 85 decibel. The people working on the site were very pleased with the barrier.

The barrier is made from sturdy materials that can withstand fire. Because of the thick materials the acoustic barrier hides the construction site. It’s hard to see what’s going on and what kind of materials and machinery is used. The barrier is a great way to protect your equipment from bad willing people.

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