The Fence Lifting Tool: the most convenient tool for fences

The paperclip. Velcro. The Post-It Note. All ‘accidental’, simple inventions about which everyone thought at the time of their introduction, why didn’t we think of this before… Think of those seemingly simple solutions that really make life easier. Heras Mobile has added a tool to this category: the Fence Lifting Tool. Justifiably the most convenient tool for temporary fences.

Anyone who’s ever erected temporary fences knows how hard that kind of work is, but construction fences are necessary to keep construction sites safe and protected. However, the quick installation of one of these fence’s is a job for experienced fitters. Less-experienced people soon have to rely on ‘more hands’; after all, carrying a fence all by yourself is no easy task. You will soon need at least two people to be able to install a temporary fence quickly.

Lifting fences was never this easy

Fontys University

But here at Heras Mobile, we were sure that it didn’t have to be like that. That’s why, together with some students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, we started looking for a way to make it easier to lift, carry, and install temporary fences. The answer was as simple as it was ingenious: the Fence Lifting Tool. An invention in the ‘why didn’t we think of this before’ category.

Heras Hekdrager_toepassing LR E9921

Wooden handle

The Fence Lifting Tool is a bracket with a wooden handle. The shape of the bracket creates a simple lifting effect with which the temporary fence can be lifted. By clamping the Fence Lifting Tool in the middle of the fence, the weight of the fence is evenly distributed and can be carried by one person. The wooden handle provides an easy, comfortable grip.

For experienced and less experienced mechanics

The Fence Lifting Tool is now a permanent part of the Heras range. Incidentally, the tool is not only intended for less-experienced fence installers. Seasoned fitters will also love using the Fence Lifting Tool!

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