Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0: Noise reduction up to 32.8 dB

Heras Temporary Fencing introduced the new Noise Control Barrier in Europe. This temporary sound barrier is the next generation of the Noise Control Barrier that was launched in 2015. The new version is characterized by increased noise reduction, a longer lifespan, and ease of use.


Heras Temporary Fencing introduced the Noise Control Barrier — a quilted canvas that can be placed against construction fences to reduce noise pollution — to the European mainland in 2015. In four years’ time, the product has proven its worth in many construction and demolition projects. However, Heras Temporary Fencing was working on an improved version behind the scenes. This resulted in the Noise Control Barrier 2.0, which is currently on the market.


3 advantages of the Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0

1. Noise reduction up to 32.8 dB

The most important improvement is in the noise reduction: the Noise Control Barrier 2.0 reduces the noise up to 32,8 dB. The results have been confirmed by extensive practical and laboratory tests.


2. Easier to use

The dimensions of the canvas have also changed. One fence requires three barriers. The smaller size makes assembling the noise barriers a lot easier. On top of that, the barriers are more flexible and can be used in various situations. Another advantage of the new size is the limited volume during storage and transport.


3. Longer lifespan

A third advantage is the material used. The first Noise Control Barrier was a quilted canvas. This was not ideal for the lifespan, especially when used outdoors. The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 consists only of a special and patented canvas (without absorbing layer). This increases the lifespan and makes the product maintenance-free. The material is fire-resistant, so it’s very suitable for placing around aggregates, for example.


From October 2019

The Noise Control Barrier 2.0 will be available on the European and United States market as from October. The barriers will also be available for renting in the Netherlands, Belgium and England. For the time being, the trusty Noise Control Barrier will remain part of our assortment and is available upon request. By doing so, Heras Temporary Fencing contributes to safe construction works without noise pollution in every situation.

Discover everything about the Heras Noise Control Barrier 2.0 and reducing construction noise here.

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