Crowd control barriers corral large crowds at food truck festivals

Food truck festivals are a new kind of festival which have been experiencing overwhelming numbers of visitors in recent years. In short, food rocks! The trucks and their culinary delights, contemporary entertainment, musical entertainment, and entourage deserve the credits for this. But don’t forget the backstage roles as well, like the function of crowd control barriers. All of these festivals use crowd control barriers to ensure the safety of visitors. By hiring crowd control barriers, you make sure that all that food goes down smoothly. 

Food truck festivals: high quality ‘food on wheels’

The food truck festivals, or ‘food on wheels’ events, were an absolute hit again this season. There seems to be no change in popularity; indeed, these culinary events seem to grow even bigger. The concept is fairly similar for any event: you take a trendy location, generally provide free access, make room for mobile kitchens in the most striking designs, good food, cabaret, trendy music, and other contemporary entertainment. These ingredients ensure that the event sites are often packed with a diverse audience, from young families and hipsters to seniors. A food truck festival is the answer for anyone looking for culinary entertainment. It’s become quite obvious that the food festivals are an integral part of our food culture. But how do you streamline visitors and ensure that they can enter and exit the site safely and clearly? Food truck festivals guarantee safety with the hire of crowd control barriers.

Crowd control barriers corral large crowds

The characteristics of these food truck events vary widely. From multi-day outdoor festivals with more than 130,000 visitors and 150 food trucks to local initiatives with just a handful of mobile kitchens and locals. Most food festivals offer a variety of flavors, but we also see an interesting growth in events with international dishes, such as Asian or Mediterranean editions. Some locations have been transformed into true outdoor restaurants, where others choose the warmth – and weather guarantee – of the indoors. But however you look at it, almost all of them are a resounding success. The diversity of events and food trucks will have gourmets’ mouths watering and their taste buds piqued. If you, as an organizer, also advocate for safety and clarity at these kinds of events, crowd control barriers are an indispensable item on your checklist. With the timely hiring of crowd control barriers, you are able to easily and effectively screen off the site, guide the flow of visitors, and hide certain areas from view. Crowd control barriers are sturdy and extremely safe because they don’t fall over. The barriers are cleverly attached to each other so that visitors can’t take control and create their own entryways or break through the fencing.

This applies not only to adults, but to children as well. More and more families are visiting these food festivals. This is partly due to the often spacious location, long opening hours, the ultimate feeling of freedom, the wide choice of dishes, and the entertainment that often focuses on the youngest ambassadors during the day with appropriate activities and facilities. Therefore, it’s important to take the safety of the little ones into account.

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Screening locations

It is also important to let visitors move safely around the site. An important role is reserved for the fence in this regard. The fence provides dividers, guidance, and markings where visibility is important. Because of the lightweight and very handy use of crowd control barriers, you can create a clear yet solid separation lane on the site in no time at all. This makes it easy to find and follow routes and facilities. You can see that the level of spectacle is increasingly focusing on the experience at this type of festival. For example, some food festivals have become a real circus or fun fair. This gives extra entertainment value, but also requires extra attention when it comes to safety. Hiring crowd control barriers provides clarity and, by working with tarpaulin or canvas in places, you contribute to the extra recognizability of the facilities. And this is necessary, not only for the big events that sometimes get 20,000 visitors a day, but also for the smaller festivals; safety is always paramount. In addition, there are always certain locations or places, such as storage locations or backstage facilities, that you do not want to be visible to the public. These can be protected in no time using temporary fencing, with or without tarpaulins.

Create an informal and relaxed atmosphere

The relaxed ambience and innovative style are probably the most important reasons for the resounding success of these mobile kitchens, which is why it’s important not to prejudice the entourage. Keep this in mind when choosing and installing fencing. Are high fences or low crowd control barriers set up in certain places or is this temporary fencing with tarpaulins designed to suit the event? Everything is possible; everything is manageable. It is therefore advisable to include a safety plan in time, with a detailed choice of the type of crowd control barriers listed in the specifications. So make sure you get good advice and don’t disappoint your food truck fans. Bon appetit!

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