A safe building site with enclosure fencing

A lot of requirements have to be satisfied at a building site and a lot of things must be taken into account. You must observe all legal requirements and regulations and guarantee the safety of your workers, local residents, and passers-by. You also want to limit criminality and inconvenience to traffic, yet at the same time provide speedy access for authorized individuals. You can deal with all issues in one go when you install the right temporary fences and gates. How can temporary fences provide added value? And, how can fences guarantee safety and security?

The number of accidents and the amount of criminality at building sites has risen in recent years. Various branches of the media reported this a few years ago: ‘Building site unsafe: number of fatal accidents rises sharply.’ The report stated that the number of fatal accidents in the building industry had increased at least 56% in the past six months. The number of serious accidents has also risen sharply. In brief, the consequences are significant with each accident, small or large. As a contractor, you want to do everything possible to prevent these accidents occurring. As a fencing expert, you always need to keep this in mind. Everything that you do and say must resolutely reflect the simple fact that safety is paramount… safety first. The pursuit of safety is one of our core values, such that we ensure no risk is taken. This concerns safety at and around the building site. Of course, the safety of our own people is paramount.

This begins by drawing up a detailed inventory for the initial request. For example, factors such as the location, the situation, critical points, etc. The tackle this in a professional manner, you work through a number of steps together with the contractor. In each step, there is always the question: ‘How do we ensure that fencing provides optimal safety?’ We delve into this important ‘question-answer’ game on a daily basis. Are you curious about the steps that a fencing expert takes on a daily basis? We outline some important points below on the quest to achieve a safe building site by installing enclosure fencing.

The situation

Every request starts with a thorough analysis of the situation. What space is involved and where is it located? How large is the terrain and what is the duration of the construction project? Make sure you identify all of the facts and particulars during this step. As a specialist, you must have an eye for detail.

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The environment

Once you complete your thorough inventory of the situation, you examine the environment. We do this in different ways, namely, using a map, Google maps, or at the site itself. In some cases, you measure the location. It is important to know whether the building site is located in a residential or remote location, for example, a pasture or near a primary school. You also inventory the logistical matters, such as access roads, types of vehicles, and work materials.

The ground

It is important to have a good understanding of the ground. What sort of soil is involved? In the Netherlands, we have different types of soil surfaces. In combination with the weather conditions, it results in a variety of ground surfaces. Finding this out is extremely important so you can properly determine the type of fencing, materials, and anchoring..

Critical components

What are the risks and when are these the greatest? Are there hazardous locations within the terrain, such as a construction pit? And, where is the expensive material stored? In each case, it is important to ask the question: ‘What is the worst that can happen here?’ Make sure that you draw up a plan for each of these situations. This ensures that you will not be caught by surprise.

Authorized and unauthorized persons

You can optimally guarantee safety with fencing when you know exactly who must be kept outside and who may be granted access. It is a matter of finding the balance of repelling undesirables and providing a warm reception for authorized individuals. Children, passers-by, and criminals must be kept outside, while staff and suppliers must be able to carry out their work safely without being hindered in any way.

Safety plan

Supplying professional fencing is a part of a larger safety plan for the building site. It is important to be aware of the content in the plan so that you can tailor the fencing to it. Do you opt for fencing with barbed wire or very high fencing? And how do you protect your critical areas within the terrain? These are all factors that are dependent on the other safety factors for the terrain. When the terrain will be guarded 24/7, different requirements can be set for fencing than when there is no form of policing.

Noise and view

Of course, you want to know whether there will be a noise nuisance, e.g. generators. Then how great will the impact be? If necessary, you can fit (a portion of) the fences with a sound-dampening cloth. This will drastically reduce the number of decibels. It is important here to provide additional anchoring as the fence will be more prone to the wind than a standard fence. And, do you wish to prevent local residents from seeing your site? Then consider covers, and, if desired, printed. Nowadays, these can be printed to completely meet your wishes. These are often used to create an attractive appearance.

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Where is the entrance located? Where are the supply roads? And, who do you want to grant access and when? These factors are important for providing good advice about the type of gate. Are you opting for fences or a permanent gate with a more high-end appearance? Swing or sliding? There are many options, but not all are suitable to meet the customer’s needs.

Buildings Decree

The Buildings Decree practical guide has about 300 pages. That is a lot of reading. Generally, contractors know it by heart because they have a lot of practice. Fencing is an important part of safeguarding safety as described in the decree. Are you unsure whether installing fences satisfies the relevant articles of the law? Then consult with a professional who can inform you appropriately. All factors play a role in striving to achieve optimal safety and we are all responsible for accomplishing this goal.

As soon as these matters have been identified, an expert then begins the search. In addition to the above analysis, you also need to take into account the budget, the customer’s needs, and the planning. How do you do that? We keep on figuring it out until we have a solution that is perfect for everyone and where no one is short-changed, even down to a few meters of fencing.

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