Awesome advertising opportunities

Tarpaulins for obstructing the view or for capturing dust. Utilize the perimeter as an eye-catcher to promote your company or project. One construction fence panel is good for a 7 m2 advertisement. A one-page ad in a trade journal only comes to 0.06 m2

Download the Heras Mobile Fencing & Security Product Brochure:

Download the Product Brochure

Tarpaulins variants & specifications

Foil sail black

The canvases are available as loose canvases per fence (3.5 metres wide) or on reels of 50 metres. The standard colours are black, white, blue and green. The plastic canvas is also available in a self-extinguishing quality.


  • Dimensions Width : 11.2 '
  • Dimensions Height : 5.8 '


Installation instructions


3D 	Foil sail black

3D Foil sail black

Foliehek zwart

Folierol zwart

Fencenet green 50m

The canvas partially prevents people from seeing your building site (contours remain visible). Available on rolls of 50 metres or as loose canvases of 3.5 metres wide. Available from stock in the colour green.


  • Dimensions Width : 164 '
  • Dimensions Height : 5.9 '


Installation instructions


3D Fencenet


Fencenet green 2m*50m

A stable base for a well-tended building site

When you attach tarpaulins or other objects to a construction fence, the fence must be equipped with a good foundation (blocks and/or struts). In semi-permanent set-ups, the fencing tubes are pounded into the ground. An alternative for a tarpaulin is the Heras Noise Control Barrier; with it, you combine screening with noise reduction. Not every construction fence is suitable for attaching tarpaulins! Ask our advisers for advice.