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Tarpaulin for mobile Heras fences in various colours and designs

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Effective hiding and screening

A heavy-duty tarpaulin on Heras temporary fencing is an easy way to screen (part of) the site and effectively hide “forbidden site” elements from view, such as storage locations and backstage facilities. The size of the tarpaulins for temporary fencing is 11ft wide and 5.9ft high. The heavy-duty tarpaulins have brass rings in a hemmed edge. This ensures the heavy duty tarpaulins can be attached to the temporary fencing using cable ties (not included).

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  • Effective hiding and screening

Concealing using a stable temporary partition

If temporary fencing has a banner attached, it may catch extra wind. We therefore always recommend assembling the fences in a semi-permanent arrangement (on posts) and using Heras fence stabilizers or making the footings heavier. Not every Heras fencing is suitable for a banner to be attached to it. Our employees will be happy to advise you.

The look of your site

The experience of guests, artists and local residents is important to you. By shielding backstage areas properly (storage and private areas), your event area will appear tidy. In addition, your event can be given an extra boost by choosing a tarpaulin in a matching color. At Heras, tarpaulins are available in multiple colors. In addition, it is also possible to choose a tarpaulin with a print of your choice.

Fire-resistant mobile fence fabric

In addition to these standard tarpaulins, it is also possible to order flame-retardant heavy duty tarpaulins. The flame-retardant tarpaulin is fire-retardant and thus contributes significantly to the safety of people on and around the site. The DIN4102 B1 standard consists of 2 parts. DIN4102 is the very strictly-enforced standard that fire brigades and exhibition organizations adhere to. This is seen as the European standard when it comes to the fire safety of, for example, temporary fencing tarpaulins. B1– Classification basically means the tarpaulin is very difficult to ignite.

  • Art.: E0300
  • Height: 5.8 ft
  • Width: 11.2 ft
  • Package quantity: 20
  • Weight: 2 lbs
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Foil sail black

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Foil sail black

Tarpaulin for mobile Heras fences in various colours and designs