About Heras Temporary Fencing

Your partner for temporary fencing solutions

Heras Temporary Fencing is the international expert in temporary and semi-permanent security solutions. A specific specialism that contributes to worry-free building and business. Due, at least in part, to our excellent logistical performance.

Active in 24 countries

Heras Temporary Fencing has been active for decades now in 24 countries. We work global, but invest and act local. Heras invented the temporary fence in 1966. The company has a very strong position throughout Europe.

Highest quality fences

Our range of temporary mobile fencing changes along with new demands from the market. This results in products that are safer and have a longer service life. The Heras M500 Anti-Climb fence has been imitated by our competitors with varying success. We consider this a huge compliment.

Powerful partners building segment

The European end customers are served via a robust dealer network, with a focus on temporary fencing and accessories. With these customers, Heras Mobile builds close, long-term relationships. Intercontinental principals are served on a project basis.

Purchase or hire

Heras Temporary Fencing directly serves its home markets in the Netherlands and Belgium with an advanced package of mechanical and electronic systems. Depending on the location and the project phase, this leads to the correct implementation of fencing, gates, accessories, detection systems, cameras and applications. And their assembly and installation. The solutions – from construction fencing up to and including project security - can either be purchased or rented.

Most reliable supplier and expert

Heras Temporary Fencing is your stable European partner. We want to remain the most reliable supplier and expert in temporary outdoor security. On the basis of our professional, friendly and problem-solving mentality.

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Our 10 promises

  1. To contribute to a safe (working) environment and carefree living.
  2. To think in terms of safety and construction, not in terms of steel and volumes.
  3. To control and provide insight into the inflow and outflow of people, equipment and goods.
  4. Innovative and sustainable (total) solutions for temporary outdoor security.
  5. A reliable and stable company that doesn't do anything too crazy.
  6. State-of-the-art production locations in Belgium, France and the CzechRepublic.
  7. Excellent logistical services in dozens of countries.
  8. A strict Health Safety & Environment policy.
  9. Investments in sustainability.
  10. Accurate 24/7 service provision and a professional and correct approach.
Sustainable Heras temporary fencing

What we stand for

Reliable: Certainty, Problem-solver, Reliable partner

Smart: The inventor, The innovator, Mechanical and electronic

Sustainable: Health Safety & Environment, Sustainable relationships, Respectful undertakings