State Garden Show 2020 could continue in Germany thanks to Heras temporary fences

Stable construction fences with banners for a matching look

State Garden Show 2020 could continue in Germany thanks to Heras temporary fences
- Janske Appelhof
from Heras Mobilzaun

This year, the State Garden Show 2020 was to take place from March to October on a former coal mining site near Krefeld. And even though the Coronavirus initially caused uncertainty about whether the show would go ahead, the exhibition did eventually open its doors in May. Temporary fencing from Heras was deployed as part of the solution.

The event organiser decided the site needed stable fencing, which would have banners attached to it. And so the organisation got in touch with Heras Mobilzaun, the German branch of Heras Mobile Fencing & Security.

This was a great opportunity for Heras to demonstrate its professionalism. Sufficient stock was available for immediate delivery. And since the event organiser already had the design for the banners ready, they could be printed and delivered immediately.

To secure the project, Heras quickly delivered:

Choosing these solutions meant a nice combination between desired appearance and safety could be achieved.

High Security clamps

The organisation was surprised by the effect of theHigh Security clamps. Such a seemingly simple accessory ensured non-paying guests were kept out during the day, while uninvited guests were kept out at night. As a result, potential thieves were prevented from entering the site and stealing rare plants. 

Round top mobile fences

The round top fences were chosen by the architect for their aesthetics. The rounded corners were a better match for the atmosphere at the entrance of the historic monastery complex. 

At Heras, we are proud to quickly fulfil wishes such as these. Together with our partner, we were able to secure this prestigious event for many months. 

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