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Give color to the entrance of your site with customized gates

Personalized access
- Jérôme Lardenois
from Heras Clôture Mobile & Sécurité

No dull grey entrance, but a customized gate at the entrance of your site. A fitting reception for customers and suppliers. After nameplates, city-fences and printed banners, Heras-Mobile is further developing customized products. Together with one of our main customers in France we realized a customized gate in the requested brand color.

First tests with coloring were effective on swing gates and led to trying on other products, namely the M500. The result is amazing. The aesthetic aspect is, of course, very important for companies. The entrance of a site is like a business card and will impress every visitor.

The Heras-Mobile product range allows to be ingenious concerning esthetic innovations. This type of projects requires a lot of reflection and consultation with different departments such as production and logistics.

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