What requirements must building site facilities satisfy?

This involves legislation and legal requirements, such as the health and safety legislation, the Buildings Decree, and the Environmental Permitting Decree 2010. Your building site facilities must comply with all of these laws and regulations down to the last detail. The municipality monitors whether you observe these laws and regulations. So, it is important to comply accordingly.

You can see just how extensive the building regulations are by visiting the pages on your local government’s website.

How do you implement proper building site facilities?

You have located the practical part of this page. You are going to start with your building site facilities, so we can now provide you with a variety of useful tools. Fencing ensures that your site facilities are as sound as a bell. Fencing is the foundation for all site facilities. It is important to be really thorough when you start determining and calculating the right fencing and that you install it in a timely manner.

Planning fencing yourself

Determining the number of proper fences is not rocket science. However, you must take some important factors into account. Use a cheat sheet below to be certain that you draw up detailed and well-fitting calculations. Ask for this cheat sheet by contacting us.

Purchasing or renting fencing

While you are determining what temporary fencing you need at your site, you also decide whether you want to purchase or rent it. We are happy to provide you with some tips so you can methodically make your choice.

Fencing required urgently

An urgent situation can always occur. And with respect to purchasing or renting at a particular time, you really want a supplier that is flexible in working with you on your choice and that also has the inventory and logistics resources to provide a solution within a few hours. In such urgent cases, you want to have your fencing delivered the next day.