Building site components

Every building site is unique. Nevertheless, some components are invariably on every checklist. For example, fencing to keep out trespassers, the laying of a sewer, securing materials and terrain lighting. Toilets and site huts are also indispensable for creating a decent work environment. Lifts and cranes are also indispensable during the workday. We have summarized the most practical matters below.


As a building contractor, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, passers-by, and local residents. You must restrict the nuisance and traffic congestion to a minimum at and around the building site. You want to deter intruders and safely store materials and equipment. Only authorized persons may enter the terrain. At the same time, your terrain must be easily accessible for your staff and suppliers. You also want to ensure that your terrain is tidy and clean. You can deal with all issues when you use the right temporary fences and gates.

Power, water, gas and sewer connections

Naturally, you will want to request the right amenities - in a timely manner - to avoid delays. For example, power, water, sewer, phone, internet, etc. You can manage this yourself with the utility companies or subcontract the work to a consulting firm.


Lighting is essential for all building site facilities. Professional lighting deters unauthorized persons entering your building site at night. It also ensures that there is plenty of light at the physical workplace. You should install temporary lighting at strategic locations, both direct and indirect. For example, outdoor lighting, temporary indoor lighting, such as shafts, floors, etc. In brief, turn on the lights!

Safety and security

Building site safety and security is a double-edged sword: it optimizes a safe work environment for staff and visitors and it minimizes vandalism and theft at your building site. Presently, the bar is set very high for safety at construction sites. So, make sure this component has a high priority for your building site facilities. For example, use an electric sliding gate, which is easy to install and a simple means of reducing the risk of theft.

Construction lifts and cranes

You need the right lifts and cranes to move heavy objects and materials to the right place, including to great heights. Such heavy equipment is indispensable for all building site facilities. Whether for the short-term or long-term.

Toilets and site huts

Make sure you install enough toilets and site huts for your staff and visitors. A site hut is a unique place where workmen gather and relax after working hard. Site huts are available with a toilet, storeroom, kitchen block with refrigerator, roller shutters, additional office space, etc.