Optimize experience and safety with event fencing

Heras Mobile provides solutions for a multitude of events. Joep Coenen, Business Unit Manager at Heras Mobile, gives another perspective to delivering event fencing. We don’t think in terms of the product, but in terms of the ‘journey’ that the visitor makes on and around the site. This gives a surprisingly different view of fencing. Well-fitting fencing contributes to a safe major event without escalations. “Provided that you understand the needs of the guests and anticipate these,” says Joep.

Fences contribute to the experience

Fencing goes beyond product-oriented thinking. It is about past experiences, psychological aspects, and even Big Data. If you have an overview of all the factors that may influence your performance, you will be able to draw up a good security plan, including fencing, for your event. But the analysis of previous events can also contribute to predicting future events.

Together with all those involved, Heras Mobile examines the aspects related to the professional protection of the event site. Not only for safety, but also for the good flow of visitors and emergency services. Strategically placed emergency exits and signposting are of great importance. Everything to prevent waiting times, pressure, nuisance, and even aggression, as well as to speed up (emergency) assistance. An event succeeds because of its level of experience. If your fencing is poorly organized, this is directly at the expense of the experience,” says Joep.


Big Data; the crystal ball for events

Big Data will definitely play a major role in the future. It enables you to predict and anticipate the course of your event. To a lesser extent, this is already being done, but major research and projects are under way in this area. Think of predicting the preference in terms of food. Did everyone show a lot of interest in Indian food online before that period? Then make sure there are several Indian food trucks. Or put a tag in each visitor’s wristband. This way, everyone knows where everyone else is. A nice extra is to deepen the digital experience using an app and to map out the visitors’ ‘journey’ for future events. This way, you can avoid waiting times at the bar, eateries, or toilets. Or do you expect aggression at or around your event? Then a timely analysis of Big Data can help. It enables you to think about certain issues in good time, including the strategic placement of fencing.

Fencing with substance

Despite these developments, we must not, of course, lose sight of the product itself. Continuous substantive expertise is required at the product level too. For example, if a client requests 60 fences, we do not start calculating immediately; we run analyses first. Are these 60 fences needed in this area and under these circumstances? Or are 50 fences and 1 sliding gate sufficient? We will calculate the costs once we have mapped all this out. This saves money in many cases. In short, you can save money by approaching crowd control correctly.

Generally speaking, we distinguish between two types of clients: the seasoned event coordinator, who organizes an event based on a passion for coordination, and the organizer who organizes an event based on a passion for music or culture. Both need a personal, but different approach. The first group consists of experienced experts who know very well what they want. Here, we play a particular role in being to pick from stock flexibly deliver products and a workforce. We can supply professional fencing and skilled installers for every corner of the site. The other target group will have a somewhat more advisory and coaching role. We provide logistical advice on permits, noise, violence, and nuisance. Read more about Crowd Management > 

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Marketing in the events industry

Events are becoming more and more extreme; even the details are of extensive size. Consumers are becoming more and more critical, so organizations must do what needs doing. Event marketing is therefore becoming increasingly important. As a supplier, you must be able to contribute to the desired image that fits the concept of the event. When providing a high level of experience, all facets must be of unique quality, including your fencing.

Safety is also playing an increasingly important role. Whereas fencing used to be a success when security silently took a back seat, now more and more visitors want to have the impression that their safety is being taken seriously. Many visitors have questions about contemporary risks. This may be an afterthought for one person, and a significant worry to another. As an organizer, you need to respond to these fears and needs. We look at this from the point of view of ‘the behavior of the group trumps the behavior of the individual’. In short, if panic breaks out and the large crowd runs to the right, even the biggest doubter eventually runs after it. But can this route handle this mass and is this the right course? This is where you need to anticipate your walking and escape routes in good time in your preparation. A growing number of visitors are also looking for the emergency exits in anticipation. Make sure they are strategically placed and clearly visible. This way, everyone enters the festival site reassured and with great pleasure. The real experience can begin!

Good advice from an expert in event fencing can help you to look at the safety of your event in a progressive manner. Take advantage of it!


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Posted by Stef Manders on 19 March 2020