Noise Control Barrier: How less noise will yield more for you!

Heras Mobile’s Noise Control Barrier not only reduces noise pollution for local residents. When you use this sound-proof fencing, you also meet the requirements for obtaining a permit, preventing absenteeism due to illness, or can create low-noise sections where necessary. For example at First Aid stations, backstage, VIP rooms, or in catering areas, or when noise reduction is required on the construction site when jackhammers or generators are used. The Noise Control Barrier is easily and quickly installed close to a sound source, reducing noise by approximately 17 dB.

More opportunities

  • get a permit for your event or construction plans
  • start your event or construction work earlier and finish later
  • safety and comfort
  • tranquillity where necessary, such as backstage at an event or a First Aid station
  • happy faces on enforcement officials and local residents
  • fit and concentrated employees


Posted by Stef Manders on 15 June 2019