Keep noticed with a customized temporary fence

Construction sites are everywhere and people don’t even seem to notice it anymore. To make a mark and let your competition know you’re working there, you can customize your city fence for example. Instead of a boring metallic product you can steal the show with your own design. Entering the construction site feels more personal now.

Instead of the usual entrance to a construction or building site you can give customers and suppliers a more personal welcome. Besides your own name plates on a fence you can also personalize banners and sliding gates to your liking.


Color says a lot about you and your company. If you use a blue fence or banner for instance, it’ll change the way people look at your construction site. Instead of cold steel or harsh black banners you’re welcomed with nice soothing colors. In psychology blue is known as one of the most calming colors. The use of color impacts your business and presence.

Claim your place in the spotlight

You can choose to print the company logo on your banner. It’s also possible to pick a banner with safety tips. To let the employees and visitors know they have to protect their ears and eyes or wear helmets. You can also make perfectly clear on your banner, that the site is forbidden for visitors.


Easy to install

You can advertise through your own fence. A banner is easy to install. You can place rings through the fence and attach the banner to it. There’s a standard ring size so it can’t go wrong.

Designing your own banner is very easy. All you have to do is make sure you have a clear picture, logo or photograph you want to print on the banner. You can send the PDF or jpeg file in high resolution.


You’ll receive a sample so you can see how the banner will look like when it’s printed. You will know if the design is good enough to print and if the quality of your file will suffice. Because the lines are short you know you are in control.

A printed banner can have a length between 1 and 2.75 meters. One of the benefits of a banner is you can remove it quickly and store it so you can use it later again. On a different site for instance.

If you want to know more about creating your own banner, make yourself heard and help is on the way!

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Posted by Yves Spooren on 05 March 2020
Accountmanager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security België