Heras Temporary Fencing; an introduction

Heras Temporary Fencing is the international expert in temporary and semi-permanent security solutions - a specific specialism that contributes to worry-free building and business. Due, at least in part, to our excellent logistical performance all over Europe, the Middle East, and the USA. This blog will tell you our story of how we became the market leader in temporary fencing & security solutions. 

Our story

Established in 1952, Heras started as the first company worldwide for standardization and serial fencing production. As another first in the industry, Heras was the first to place their brand sign on each fencing panel. This simple yet effective solution for free name recognition is still used today, with companies worldwide placing their name on the Heras fences. From the 1960s onwards, many innovative developments advanced Heras into the market-leading company it is today, including the first stadium barriers, access control systems, welded mesh construction fencing, and plug-and-play rotary and sliding fences. For more insight into the history of Heras as a company, please visit our history page.


History of the welded mesh construction fence

Up until the early sixties, wooden bulkheads and barbed wire were common materials for fencing off a building site. Responding to the need for serial production of temporary fences, Heras-founder Frans Ruigrok started his enterprise. The first construction fences had a filling of chainlink mesh. A central tube provided extra reinforcement. It was not until 1989 that the temporary fence we know today was introduced, with a steel welded mesh filling for more rigidity and security. 

Our innovations throughout the years

Since its establishment, Heras has always been the inventor and the innovator. We’ve listed a few of the highlights:

  • 1966: introduction of the first temporary fence
  • 1990: first temporary fence made with welded mesh
  • 1999: introduction of the M500 Anti-Climb fence for extra site security
  • 2001: the first pre-galvanized fence is introduced
  • 2015: introduction of the Noise Control Barrier, a quilted tarpaulin that is attached to a temporary fence to absorb the noise coming from building and construction machinery

For a full overview of our innovations throughout the years, please visit our innovations page.

Putting our customers’ needs first

Many of Heras’ inventions and innovations came about due to demands from suppliers, construction customers, and dealers. Focusing on your safety and security, we aim to provide the best solution for your needs. Closely working together with our partners, customers and dealers, we always think in terms of possibilities, not in terms of difficulties. 

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We offer high-end welded mesh fences at competitive prices, providing profitable margins for dealers. By selecting products from Heras Temporary Fencing you're ensuring your customers of the highest quality welded mesh fences, gates, and temporary fencing accessories. 

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Posted by Yves Spooren on 08 April 2021
Accountmanager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security België