Event security; a matter for experts

Heras Mobile, a specialist in event security, has a clear mission: to give festival visitors the ultimate feeling of freedom. That’s a true art given the modern-day risks. Yves Spooren, expert in event security, explains how you can set up a problem-free event.

Events, whether these are sporting events or festivals, are becoming bigger, more creative, more impressive, and more compelling. Beautiful names, good line-ups, athletic heavyweights, exciting decors; more and more people are diving into the fray to make a lasting impression. Security, on the other hand, often remains in the background, and according to Yves, that is exactly what good security should do. The best and least obtrusive safety measures ensure that visitors enter a terrain feeling calm and then experience an event as it meant to be experienced… as relaxing entertainment.

Minimize risks, maximize experience

For many people, visiting an event brings extra tension, given the modern-day risks. This includes things like rumors of terrorism, the increasing amount of unpredictable weather conditions, and the chance of being compromised. Heras Mobile has all the knowledge in-house to keep event security out of the spotlight, but strongly enforce it there in the background. Yves Spooren talks about the logistics process. From the initial idea to the delivery of 60 kilometers of fences. “As long as it’s streamlined and silent,” says Yves.

Always searching for innovation 

When asked what his ultimate festival feeling is, Yves answers: “When people indulge themselves, despite the weather. As an expert in event security, you need to look off the beaten track and always be on the search for innovation. We want to be able to say sincerely to our clients every day, ‘we provide the best security for every event’. From sporting events to festivals and from small-scale to immense; our solutions must always be conclusive. That is why we like to lead the way, why we look forward to new trends, and why we are continuously working on the further development of materials and solutions with a dedicated team.”

A loyal client base thanks to sincere knowledge

When I ask Yves if he can name how Heras Mobile has been able to build such a loyal client base in recent years, he answers: “Because we also secure construction sites, we have the luxury of always having a large stock of fencing and related products available. And in the high season, the months of June, July, and August, as well. Our clients know that, but our fellow companies also who know where to find us on peak days. Our advisors are always friendly, sincere, and constantly looking for creative and affordable solutions. In addition, the sector knows that we deliver high quality. Where is that expressed? Fences that prevent jams, entrances that minimize waiting times, emergency exits that are in the right place, strategically placed First Aid and security stations, and solutions that optimally protect visitors, even in the event of extreme weather conditions. As an expert, we think of everything; we’re even thinking of adding roadblocks to our range in order to hinder drivers who have broken loose. In addition, we also draw our partners’ attention to festival insurance, which is very important in this variable world where nothing is certain.”

“What else can we advise you on? Not only event organizers, but municipalities and artists are also making more and more demands. This allows us to draw up a security plan based on the permit or permit application, which always starts with a risk analysis. In addition to security, issues such as noise pollution or desired appearance are also discussed. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it. The heavy barriers provide crowd control, shielding the stages and private areas. Nevertheless, security guards and emergency workers have easy access to the guests. This way, you guarantee the safety of the people on the site. In short, we are an important player who can satisfy everyone’s wishes, from local cycle tours to the fencing off of a GP Grand Prix at the municipality of Valkenswaard to ensuring the safety of the 180,000 visitors attending festivals like Tomorrowland, and so on.”

Always an extra check

If you knock on Heras Mobile’s door, you will not only get advice, but a lot of tips too. These tips are packed together in an event security hit list: ‘Yves’ Top 10 Event Tips’. One of the tips is to make sure there is sufficient fencing. According to Yves, this is the most common problem; clients don’t request enough fencing. “That’s why we always carry out a check,” Yves says, “and to do this, we study the site on location, via Google maps, photos, and maps.” But even though things are checked a thousand times on paper, the personal communication between the client and Heras Mobile remains paramount. “Keeping each other constantly informed is important in this profession.”

Setting up security quickly and efficiently

Heras Mobile is increasingly focusing on comprehensive care. Yves explains: “For each project, the entire team looks at how they can offer organizers the best possible helping hand. Are actual hands needed on location? Then Heras Mobile sends professionals. Do they want a comprehensive package? Then we arrange that from A to Z. Are they quickly looking for feedback for the correct assembly of fencing? Then they can watch our free assembly videos online. We strive for a comprehensive package, providing care in our area of expertise.”

Yves continues: “Our entire team is involved. It is a continuous game between sales and logistics. I am already involved in the sales process to avoid disappointments afterwards. This includes things like the joint assessment of products and services to be offered, right up to the planning. What’s my ideal process? If our trucks are loaded as efficiently as possible, arrive at the agreed time, and can unload quickly on site at designated locations. But also that the assembly is done quickly and the vehicles move directly on to event B to pick up everything there. In short, that the vehicles are still as little as possible and that the drivers and installers can be deployed as efficiently as possible. This ultimately leads to a streamlined event for clients and optimal cost control.”


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Posted by Yves Spooren on 29 August 2019
Accountmanager at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security België