Noise reduction

Temporary noise barrier for reduced hindrance

Less racket, less hindrance and healthier working. The Noise Control Barrier absorbs up to 20 dB of noise. Take a look at the informative video.

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Noise reduction with acoustic noise barrier Heras

Noise reduction - effective and stable

Heras Noise Control Barrier

Noise can be a nuisance. And noise pollution can seriously disrupt a building project. Heras Mobile Fencing has a temporary noise barrier solution that prevents complaints from local residents and minimizes the risk that the process becomes delayed due to local authorities intervening. A solution that keeps sound waves confined to the building site, and that is as simple as it is effective. The Heras Noise Control Barrier is a high-tech panel, featuring special sound-absorbing fibres. It absorbs building noise and prevents sound from being reflected. The panel is robust, compact and light weight. It only takes one fitter to install the screens very quickly. The temporary sound barriers can also be applied to scaffolding. The Noise Control Barrier, developed by Heras Mobile in conjunction with a partner that specializes in noise reduction, is already used successfully in several European markets.


  • Dimensions Width : 11.6 '
  • Dimensions Height : 6.6 '


Installation instructions


Noise Control Barrier

3D Noise Control Barrier

3D Noise Control Barrier

Noise Control Barrier