Advertising options with temporary fences

Awesome advertising opportunities

Generate maximum publicity for your project while effectively shielding your site at the same time.
Although they are primarily used to demarcate the temporary construction site, fences can also be used for other purposes. Heras offers you the possibility to create effective advertising opportunities with fences at your temporary construction site. 

Use the fence of your construction site as an eye-catcher for current or future projects, and at the same time obstruct the outside view. The printed tarpaulins also capture the dust coming from your construction site. This reduces inconvenience and the number of complaints.

Heras temporary fences are good for 7 m² advertising space. That is much more publicity than you will ever get at any other advertising location. Brand awareness of your company, a foretaste of the current project or a preview of future plans: everything can be printed on our screens. 

Experience maximum publicity at minimal cost.

Advertisement Banner

Obstructing the outside view of the construction site

The advertising tarpaulins of Heras have the same dimensions as the fence. The view of the building site from the outside can therefore be completely obstructed.

Create an eye-catcher for your project 

Give people passing by a glimpse of what the end result of your project will look like. Or promote future projects with Heras advertising banners.

Reduce the nuisance of dust from the construction site

A lot of dust and noise is created on construction sites. With Heras tarpaulins, you can limit this significant

More efficient than advertising

One fence offers space for a 7 m² advertisement.

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Promote your project to future buyers

For people who live near a construction site, it's not really fun to have to look at a project in development all the time. With advertising banners you can give people passing by a taste of the end result. Or of the projects you will be working on in the future: the possibilities are endless.

Heras advertising banners can easily be attached to your mobile fences. Because the screens usually have the same dimensions as the fence, you can completely obstruct the outside view of the building site.

More information about the advantages of using printed screens on the fences of your temporary construction site can be found in our brochure: 

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A stable base for a well-tended building site

Advertisment banner (3,40m x 1,75m)

Many communications options on the Heras mobile fence.

Although fences are primarily used to demarcate a temporary construction site, temporary fencing can also be used for other purposes. Use the Heras mobile fencing used on your construction site to communicate current or future projects. You can obstruct the view from outside at the same time. The banners also collect the dust generated by your construction site. One Heras temporary fencing can be used for about 7 m2 of advertising. Brand awareness of your company, a preview of the current project, or a preview of future plans: anything can be printed on our screens. Experience maximum publicity at minimum cost.



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    Advertisment banner (3,40m x 1,75m)

    Advertisment banner (3,40m x 1,75m)